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North Aston Organics began in 1997 when we (Mark and Ginny Stay) moved to the village, slap bang in the middle of 900 acres of organic farmland, with a two-year-old, another baby imminent and a Big Idea.

We come from families of farmers and gardeners, and Mark was bitten by the vegetable bug when we were living in Sussex with an allotment. The obsession grew, we moved to Suffolk so that Mark could go to agricultural college and learn all about organic crop production - then followed several years of rewarding work in a horticultural therapy project, but still yearning to have our own smallholding. We spent holidays traipsing about the wilder shores of western Ireland, Wales and anywhere with land we might be able to afford, until we met Jeremy Taylor, the landowner here in North Aston, who has a largish amount of land, a welcoming disposition and a conviction that organic farming is the only sane way.

So, here we are, renting a house in the village and 12 acres of farmland, complete with wonderful views of the Cherwell valley. We grow on three sites, with different soil types and aspects so we can produce as wide a range as possible, from Aubergines to Zucchini (sorry, courgettes, but what else begins with 'z'?)

We have a great team working alongside us, seven people both full- and part-time. We belong to the Soil Association apprenticeship scheme, so are fortunate to have enthusiastic young aspiring growers to keep us on our toes - Mark is one of the growers teaching seminars for the scheme.

We've learned a lot over the years, acquired a fair few lines and grey hairs (and a third child ) but still have the same drive to grow delicious, healthy vegetables, and sell them locally. Most of our crops are sold via our veggie-box scheme and our monthly stall in Deddington's Farmers' Market. We believe this is the best way to get the produce to you as fresh as possible, and it seems our loyal customers agree - many have been with us from the start.

We've always felt strongly the importance of the local economy (and events in the wider world during the past few years have only strengthened this) so wherever possible we use local suppliers and expertise, from tractor servicing to stationery supplies to web design.  When you buy your vegetables from us, you're not only cutting down food miles but helping strengthen the web that makes up the local economy.

North Aston Organics

"Tonight I felt moved to get up after supper and phone to say the sweetcorn was the sweetest and tenderest ever. I could feel myself becoming a nicer person as I munched! Thankyou for life-enhancing veg and long may it continue!"

Kim Taplin (Sept 2013)

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